While our last sighting may not have been accurate, we need to keep posting fliers so we can receive more sightings, hopefully this time an accurate one.  If you can help us post fliers or hand out business cards this weekend, even for a short period of time, we’d greatly appreciate your help.  Please leave a comment if you are able to help.   Many people have Monday off from work, so consider giving some time to the search.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, as we can find one for you.


If you aren’t able to post fliers but still want to help, we can use your help researching businesses in Hyattsville to send Berdina’s flier to, particularly ones where employees are spending time driving around and making deliveries.  For example, we’d like to know the email address/phone number/fax number and point of contact if possible for the following types of businesses in the area where Berdina has been seen:  pizza shops that deliver, cab companies, UPS, meter readers, etc.  If you are able to help with this research project, please let us know.  It’d be great to get the flier posted in businesses, and especially those with employees who are out and about in the area.

Found a truck…

We have a truck to borrow.  Thanks!

Hello all–

We have another shelter that is going to loan us a very large dog trap to put out with the feeding sites.  However, the trap won’t fit in a car or even a full-size van because of it’s height.

So, we’re looking to borrow a pick up truck to initially drop off the trap and then again to return it to the shelter when we’re finished.


Please use the new flier for download in the box in the right column.  It has a new phone number on it that is answered 24/7.  Thanks!

Help Us Get the Word Out!

Even if you cannot join the search effort or help put up fliers, you can still help Berdina:

  • Pass along the link to this blog to anyone you can think of – your neighborhood listservs, Yahoo groups you belong to, your volunteer organizations, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors, your vet, your dog walker, the media tycoon next door who loves dogs, anyone who is willing to help us get the word out!
  • Link to us on your blog, ask your friends to do the same
  • Let us know if you have a great idea for spreading the word about the search for Berdina

We appreciate your help!

Help us find Berdina

Berdina is one of the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL)’s foster dogs and has been missing since April 21. The area she was lost in was Blair/N. Capital & Longfellow St. NW, in D.C. (you can download a map in the box to the right). She is a spayed female Pit Mix (grey and white), about 60 pounds and about 2-years-old. She was wearing a red rabies tag on a blue and white Obama collar. She is very friendly, sweet and high energy. Please contact 202-375-7755. There is a reward for her safe return.


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